Launch of Yellow Flag Art Competition 2016 (Deadline 30th of November 2016)

A great opportunity for your school and students to creatively engage with the themes of the programme and to really get student’s thinking about how they feel about them and what sort of Ireland they might like to live in.
The themes for the Art Competition are: Anti – Racism, Celebrating Diversity and Supporting Inclusion.
In the past we have received a huge variety of pictures, drawings, painting collages, mosaics, tapestries, murals, cartoon, computer generated images, textiles, sculptures, stencils and audio visual entries.

Visual winning entries from previous years and a You Tube link for our first Audio Visual Winner in 2014.

It is open for all Yellow Flag schools to participate in and there are two categories that students can submit work to, one is Visual and the other is Audio Visual. Students can submit entries into the Individual Category or the Group Category. Our closing date for receipt of entries is the 30th of November 2016.

Find guidelines in green box below 

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The Yellow Flag Programme must be supported in becoming a national programme. It must be mainstreamed. From there, it will have the capacity to do for diversity what another marvellous programme, the Green Schools/Green Flag Programme, has achieved for environmental awareness among the huge constituency of children, parents, teachers, and communities which it reaches out to so effectively across the State

Michael D Higgins, 25th of May 2011