Ethnicity Celebration

Thursday 1st March marks the first anniversary of the Irish State's formal recognition of Traveller Ethnicity. To celebrate this important, historic occasion, there will be a fantastic full day celebratory event at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham to showcase Traveller culture through exhibitions, workshops and talks.  This a free, non-ticketed event and all are welcome between 11 and 6.  Full details and a programme of the event can be found here.

We'd love to see you there! #ethnicitycelebration

The Yellow Flag initiative is a wonderful programme. We live in a country rich in diversity, and so it’s really important to appreciate and celebrate different cultures. It’s important to encourage our younger generation to immerse themselves into other cultures and embrace diversity, as they are our future and it will be them who determine the attitudes and actions of future generations.

Diana Bunici, Presenter