Profile of 2008/2009 Yellow Flag Schools

Castaheany Educate Together, N.S.

This school opened up four years ago and were based in several temporary premises in various other locations in the Dublin 15 area. They now have a new school building in Ongar Village, which has been opened since September 2008. It is a co-educational school with 23 teachers and 356 pupils. There is a great mix of social, geographical, linguistic and religious cultures in the school. There are over fifty different cultural backgrounds represented in the student population, including members of the Travelling community. Their school ethos is described as "inclusive, welcoming, kind and respectful".
Maria King Presentation Primary School

The Maria King Presentation Primary School is located on Sexton street in Limerick city. There are 277 students and 24 teachers from over twenty different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  They are a co-educational school until second class and then a girls school until sixth class. The ethos of the school focuses on pastoral care and they concentrate on the holistic development of the students. One of their hopes for the Yellow Flag Programme would be to have greater understanding of intercultural issues in their school and to try to encourage greater parental involvement in the everyday life of the school.
St. Dominic's Secondary School

St. Dominic's is based in Ballyfermot in Dublin 10. It is a girls secondary school with 420 students and 42 teachers. The students in the school come from a variety of cultural backgrounds, including the Travelling community and over twenty different countries of origin. The school are very involved in the community and have a wide range of support services and after school activities.  Included in their mission statement is a desire to develop a caring community in the school, to recognise and accept differences and to encourage educational partnerships with parents and the local community.

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Mercy Mounthawk Secondary School

Mercy Mounthawk Secondary School is based just outside of Tralee town in Co. Kerry. The school has over 90 teachers, as well as numerous other auxiliary teaching staff. There are roughly 1150 students in the school and as such it caters for the vast majority of students of second-level age in the town. It is a co-educational school with a great mix of diversity and the students come from over twenty different social and cultural backgrounds, including the Travelling Community. Their school ethos is based on the three principles of Tuiscint: understanding, Treoir: guidance and direction, and Trocaire: Mercy.
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The Yellow Flag Programme is a fantastic initiative which seeks to bring the issues of interculturalism, equality and diversity into the whole-school programme and allows schools to apply them to the day to day running of the school. Moreover, Yellow Flag also promotes the idea of parents and the community working in conjunction with students and educators in order to ensure that the benefits of the programme are not just confined to the classroom.

Aodhan O'Riordan Labour Party TD