Piloting the Yellow Flag in Froebel College

The Irish Traveller Movement piloted the Yellow Flag for the first time in a Higher Education Institute, Froebel College of Education in Blackrock D4. Froebel College is one of five colleges in the Republic recognised by the DES  for the training and education of Primary School Teachers. Froebel College participated on the programme in 2010/11. The pilot took the form of Action Research to see if the YFP could be transferred from schools to a Higher Education Institution and this is the Report detailing the process and its finding's.

ITM Froebel Report

Education is one of the most important means of combating racism and developing a more inclusive, intercultural society in Ireland. The Yellow Flag programme offers teachers, students and the local community an ideal opportunity to shape and influence how the school works, how the teachers interact with the students and their parents and how students interact with one another and their teachers. The Yellow Flag should be an aspiration for all schools and I look forward to working with the Irish Traveller Movement to make this a reality.”

Kathleen Lynch Minister with responsibility around Equality, 25th of May 2011