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Registration rules

The Yellow Flag community is driven by you, so the way you drive it matters. Here are the rules of the road:

Act nice
  • Respect what others think and believe
  • Be yourself - sharing ideas and discussing issues is an important part of being a Yellow community member, so say who you are and most importantly, don't impersonate someone else

Be accurate
  • Use accurate information to justify your arguments and opinions
  • Use sources or links to support your contributions
  • Don't repost stuff again and again and again.

Stay legal
  • Respect copyright - don't upload anything that isn't yours or that you don't have permission to use (this includes images, music, videos)
  • Don't steal someone else's ideas or words - give credit where credit's due
  • Don't post anything that could damage the reputation of an individual or organisation
  • Don't encourage anyone to commit a crime
  • Don't post content which is harassing, threatening, abusive, offensive, obscene or indecent

No personal information (yours or anyone else's) (Name, address, mobile number)
  • The commenting space is for exploring issues, it is NOT a place for you to get help for your problems. Before you post, ask yourself-- will this post be helpful to someone else who reads it?
  • If you are thinking of, or are in immediate danger of wanting to end your own life then please check out the help page at the top of each forum which has emergency helpline information.
  • Don't post personal information. This includes your email address, Facebook, MySpace or other online social network name, mobile phone number, your place of work/school etc.
  • Do not use your full name or put up an identifying profile picture.

No recruiting for external surveys or assignments
  • We want Yellow to be a place where you don't feel pressured to take part in external surveys etc. We just want you to feel part of a great community! 
  • There may be times where we offer you the opportunity for you to be involved in a Yellow survey/study - but that will be thoroughly screened and will be optional as to whether you participate.

Posting advice
  • Posting any medical or legal advice, including recommendations that people change or stop their medications, is illegal and you will be suspended if you do so.
  • Don't sell or advertise inappropriate stuff
  • It's only ok to promote products and services that support charities and different issues (for example wrist bands, t-shirts etc).

Breaking the rules
  • There are consequences to breaking the rules. These include getting your content deleted and your account suspended.
  • Think a member has broken the rules? Go to the ‘Report' button next to each comment and let us know. 
  • Hope you enjoy your time in our community - we're looking forward to the conversations ahead.

The Yellow Flag Crew 
(PS Thanks to the ReachOUT crew in Ireland from whom we borrowed much of this content!)
I accept

1. Intercultural and Anti-Racism Training for Staff and Management
2. Going Beyond the School Walls: Engaging with the Community
3. The Diversity Committee
4. Intercultural Review
5. Action Plan for a Diverse School
6. Monitoring, Evaluation and Information Dissemination
7. Curriculum work
8. Diversity Code and Anti-Racism Policy